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What we do

Jaeger LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Longines, Tissot - the names of these luxury watches fascinated me for more than 10 years. Not only the names, but also the precise technology who stands behind these watches and the unique, extraordinary design.

That‘s why we decided to deal with these luxury watches. We sell them since 2009 on ebay. The sale started off well, and three years later, 2012, we founded our own online shop on antique-watches.de. 2016 we relaunched the shop and created an english version for customers outside of Germany.

Of course you can find a nice old watch on the flea market as well. But to the layman we say: don‘t buy old watches on the fleamarket! At fleamarkets you neither receive a guarantee nor service for your old watch. For shoppers in our shop we avouch personally for the immaculate functioning of every watch and assure a qualified repair service. On every used watch we issue a guarantee of 12 months on the technical function of the watch.

All watches that we are selling are unique pieces and therefore a nice capital investment. We receive the watches on markets, from other salesmen and private citizens. If it is necessary, we restore them, we work on cases and dial and replace damaged pieces. Every restoration is carried out very gently and absolutely true to original. We find it absolutely fascinating that a men‘s watch from the year 1949 with winding by hand today still is working precisely. It is not only a valuable piece in the trunk, but also an adornment for special occasions - for example the cherry on top of a vintage attire for a ball.

But not only for festivities - an old watch gives a casual outfit a special note. The one who fetches an antique pocket watch casually out of his jacket can be assured of attention in the crowd, and along the way he demonstrates his good taste. What an old watch NOT is: it is not split to the second. With a 50 or 60 year - old watch deviations of 15 - 30 seconds a day are completely normal. Antique watches, that is common sense, should not be used during manual work and not in wet areas. They are not waterproof!

In addition to the watches we sell bands from lizard or alligator leather, who emphasize the charm of your old watch. Of course we also get original bands for your old brand watch.

If you do not want to order your favorite online and want to hold the watch in your hand first, it is possible. You only have to arrange a date in our shop in Kutenholz - situated between Hamburg and Bremerhaven. We ship the watches well packaged with dpd or Deutsche Post. You can pay with debit, Visa card, Master card, paypal oder bank transfer. New is a rate payment via paypal.

Your Antique Watches GmbH